What every Bride needs to know on her Wedding Day 

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You’ve stumbled on this page looking for some advice on how to keep your cool come wedding day? I got you!! 

There are many factors that can determine whether or not you’re going to have a stress free day and although some of those things you cannot control, others you can. Let’s focus on the things you can control and what you can do to alleviate stress come wedding day! 

Have a day of coordinator. I am telling you they are true LIFESAVERS (for you & for me!!!). From small things like grabbing you deodorant because you were so nervous putting your dress on that you forgot THAT (true story for a bride lol!!!!). They play such a huge part in the day running smoothly and I could not recommend more! 

Gather the things you need for your day & designate a bridesmaids to hold onto it! Usually this can be your day of bag that has your emergency kit, a change of shoes, & your phone (to name a few!). 

Speaking of phone!!! I HIGHLY recommend giving a bridesmaid your phone to snap photos / videos as the day unfolds. Then you will get your phone back and be able to go through all of the amazing memories from your day. 

Schedule for adequate timing in-between getting ready and having to get dressed. Give yourself 15-20 minutes to have a bite to eat and to take it all in! Things are about to get real!!! 

Remember – what’s done is done. The day is finally here and you’re going to marry the love of your life! It is truly a day for celebrating. Need more help? I walk through a step by step process to ensure my clients are stress free come wedding day! Want to join the crew? Click here for more info! 

What every Bride needs to know on her Wedding Day 

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