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There's no doubt that I am a people person to my core. I come from a large family that holds the value of togetherness at the forefront over anything. Small spaces crammed with all of your favorite people while listening to stories being shared over a meal = my core memories. They are why I picked up a camera, because I wanted to be able to feel the laughter coming from each room and the love that you can't describe through words. That's why wedding days are so special to me. They bring me back to those crowded family gatherings with smiles and laughter and happy tears.

It's an honor to be a part of your core memories and my goal is that you can look back on your photos and be able to go right back to that moment. 

hi i'm rachel. a fashion loving, wild side encouraging, schedule loving, take-charge photographer at your service!

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What I'm 

What I'm 

What I'm 



All about

  • Cooking new + nourishing meals for my family! A true love language of mine!! <3 
  • Poppi drinks are a staple in this house. Raspberry rose + ginger lime are key players!!! 
  • There is NO better high than a good thrift run - finding vintage high end pieces is a NEXT LEVEL feeling!!
  • Your timing is different than Gods timing. Be patient (& I know it's fricking hard sometimes!!!) 
  • Being a Mom has helped me to be even more opened to the unexpected and for that I am grateful. 
  • Even when you have it all planned out, it still might not go to plan, but it is however you make it. So make it good <3
  • Loving on your people and reminding them how much they mean to you. Life is too damn short!!! 
  • Good outfits don't have to be saved for special occasions!!
  • Being true to who I am and embracing that because my people will find me :)